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Quinta Scott's
Along Route 66 Photos
Classic Black and White Photographs
Images from the 80s, and 90s

I bought an old Speed Graphic 4x5 camera for the dust jacket of The Eads Bridge and needed to learn how to use it. I took it out onto Watson Road and made photographs of old motels, gas stations, and the 66-Park-In Theatre.

Only when I realized that Watson had been old Route 66 in St. Louis, did I understand that I had, in those few images, a great idea for my next book: Route 66 and its architecture.

I was very lucky, because I got there before it all disappeared. And because of the two books I did on the Route 66, some of the great roadside landmarks have been saved and restored.

Illinois St. Louis Missouri
Oklahoma Texas New Mexico
Arizona California Los Angeles

"While in a different vein than her previous book about Route 66 (Route 66: The Highway and Its People) Quinta Scott has successfully captured the feeling and vision of what Route 66 has become to many -- the soul of America. Her black and white photographs, some taken in the early 1980s, some taken in the late 1990s, depict an essence of nostalgia toward "The Mother Road" that is just now being widely realized amongst a cross-section of America. State Route 66 Associations have been working together to preserve and protect this long ribbon of a historic monument, and Quinta Scott's book can aid in those efforts. This is your history, America. Read it, look at it, and remember it!" Michael L.Ward, Amazon Review

"It's a great read-alond guide book to Route 66." Quinta Scott